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What’s in an Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes, or ecigs are comprised of three basic parts; a battery, a tank and an atomizer. The battery is the power supply. When the e-cig battery is engaged it supplies power to the atomizer which heats up the ejuice in the tank.

E-cig Starter Kits

The most economical way to buy e-cigarettes is via an electronic cigarette starter kit. Most contain two electronic cigarettes, two atomizers and five to seven tanks. Most also contain eliquid in either menthol or regular tobacco flavors.

Prices vary according to kit specifications; $99.95, $149.95 and $165.99. The MicroTorch starter kit comes complete with a variable voltage battery, clearomizer tank and replacement heads, a charging system and 30 mls of premium juice. This is the most economical way to start.


Electronic cigarettes use flavored liquids that are poured into the clearomizer (tank) as needed. These liquids vary in flavors and nicotine strengths depending on the individuals needs and desires. Once heated by the ecig battery and clearomizer, this eliquid becomes a vapor which the user inhales.

Flavors are vast and varied for these devices. Traditional cigarette flavors abound but there are a plethora of specialty flavors like fruits, deserts, drinks and candies. We offer peppermint, pina colada, vanilla, cola and energy drink in 0, 11 or 18 mg of nicotine.

Vapor Cigarettes

Vapor cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, are far less harmful than traditional analog cigarettes. While they do contain nicotine in the vapor they produce, they do not have any of the harmful ingredients of a cigarette such as tar, carpet glue and pesticides.

The term vapor cigarette is not used very often. Most often these devices are called ecigs, electric cigarettes or personal vaporizers. Users of electronic cigarettes call themselves “vapers” and the activity “vaping”.

Electronic Cigarette Batteries

The best electronic cigarette batteries come from reputable companies such as E-Flame. Our 900 mAh batteries are variable voltage, allowing the user to raise or lower their battery power with just a simple twist. Our variable voltage e-cig has a regulated output which keeps your selected voltage constant with each puff regardless of your remaining battery power.